Our Process

Our Home Renovation Process

Reliable Home Improvement & Supply, Inc. is owned and operated by the Ducato family who has been committed to providing quality home improvement services for over 40 years.

Reliable was founded in 1967 as a full service remodeling company, and has evolved through the years into the premiere Design/Build firm in the Chicagoland area. We now specialize in providing custom designed home additions, kitchen makeovers, bathroom remodeling and basement finishing.

Reliable is a well-established in DuPage County, IL. We are located in Naperville with over 15,000 square feet of showroom and office space.


  • Take Notes
  • Get Accurate Measurements
  • Take Good Photos
  • Identify Potential Issues


  • Free Design Work
  • Code Research
  • 3-D Drawings
  • Complete Scope of Work Specifications
  • Produce Budget


  • In-depth Presentation
  • Cost Analysis
  • Approval of Plans
  • Approve Scope of Work

 Site Investigation

  • Architect & Superintendent Visit Site to get Acquainted with Project
  • On Site Trade Interaction


  • Flow Chart Prepared and Delivered Showing Start of Construction to Completion
  • Trade Coordination Weeks in Advance to Insure on Time Start and Completion
  • Pre-Order Materials

 Homeowner Approval

  • Discussion & Approval of Plans with Homeowner & Team Members
  • Project Communication Book Presented & Explained

 Internal Review

  • Re-Examine Plans & Specifications by Multiple Team Members to Insure Problem Free Construction
  • Quality Assurance

 Selection Process

  • Personal Selection Specialist Helps Homeowner Coordinate Color and Finishes
  • Homeowner Selects & Approves Product Choices with Sample Selection Coordinator

 Project Start

  • Site Protection – We Protect both inside and outside
  • Materials Delivered
  • Superintendent Oversees Trades to be Sure all Policies and Procedures are Followed

 Daily Supervision

  • Schedule Adherence
  • Customer Interaction and Satisfaction at Every Phase
  • Quality Control

 Client Walkthrough

  • Homeowner Approves Final Project with Superintendent
  • Punch List Work Completed
  • New Product Maintenance Instructions for Long Lasting Enjoyment

 Building Department Approval

  • Final Inspection by Code Official
  • Certificate of Occupancy / Approved Inspection Report

 Full Year Quality Assurance

  • 12 Month Satisfaction Check Up
  • Superintendent Re-Visits Site to Address any Concerns

 Home Owner Warranty Service

  • 6 Month Satisfaction Check Up
  • Superintendent Re-Visits Site to Address any Concerns


Reliable has always made customer satisfaction our primary goal.

In planning and scheduling, we pay attention to the smallest detail. Our superintendents who supervise your project make sure that the disruption to your everyday life is minimal. Our Tradesmen are all seasoned professionals who take great pride in their work.

Reliable uses a flow chart and scheduling system that is truly unique to the Home Improvement Industry. Once we begin a project our tradesmen are all scheduled to be there every day, barring bad weather. The result of this system is that your project is completed in a matter of weeks instead of months, and with the quality you can expect only from a seasoned professional company.

Reliable is convenient, since we are fully equipped to handle your project from beginning to end. There is simply no need for you to shop around for the different services that are involved in your project.

Reliable has our own in house architectural and planning department. We utilize the latest in computer technology so you can actually see exactly what your project will look like — before construction starts — in 3D renderings and designs.

Reliable is competitive.

You will find that our quote is comparable with other firms of equal size and reputation. When you factor in our short turnaround time vs. most other contractors our value is even more evident — just ask for references.

Reliable knows that next to your family, your home is you most prized possession. You have our pledge that not only will your project be handled in a timely manner, but we will also go to extremes to treat your home like it was our own.

Reliable has references. Not two or three like some of our competitors, but literally hundreds of satisfied customers who have had similar projects completed.

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